Thank you for your interest in supporting us and the children struggling with isolation! Unfortunately, our drive has now ended. Stay tuned for our final counts of donations and where they all go!

What to Donate

The YYC Console Drive accepts most things gaming. Our main asks are outlined below, but if you are unsure, please shoot us an e-mail and we will clarify if there is a need for what you want to donate!

  1. Consoles (PS 4's, Xbox Ones/360's, and Nintendo Consoles)

  2. Controllers (for any of the consoles mentioned above)

  3. Games (for any of the consoles mentioned above)

  4. Console Wires (this includes power, audio, video, and controller wires)

  5. Other, this includes monitors and small TV's (~27")

As mentioned, if you have other devices (like laptops), please don't hesitate to reach out and we will confirm if there is a need for them at the time!

We are not accepting any cash​ donations, if you would like to donate money then we urge you to visit the local organization websites and donate directly to them.


How to Donate

Below is the simple process of how to prepare and donate your devices.

Fill Out/Submit Donation Form (bottom of the page)

Please fill out the form in its entirety, this will help us contact you and arrange a pick up ASAP. The information you provide will be held in strict confidence and will not be shared. Furthermore, all information collected will only be held until the end of the drive and will then be promptly deleted. If any reporting or lessons learned is done then data will be presented in aggregate and no personal information of any kind will be disclosed.

Prepare Your Donation

There can be several steps involved depending on what you are donating:


  • Ensure the console works by plugging it in and turning it on. If you do not have the power cord then you can skip this specific point.

  • Please try to include all associated wires, if you don't have them all that's ok!

  • You will want to reset the console to factory setting so that your games and information are wiped, below you will find how to do that for each respective console:

By doing this you help us and our volunteers greatly! However, if you have trouble doing it then you can still donate it and we will ensure that it is properly reset before delivering it. 

  • Please wipe down the console to make sure it is sanitized before pick up.


  • Ensure your game is working by inserting it into the console. If you only have the game then disregard this point.

  • If possible, include the case for the game (it's easier to handle that way), if one is not available then any case will do.


  • Ensure that the controllers work by plugging them in. Try all the buttons to make sure everything is functioning. If no console is available then disregard this point.

  • Wipe down the controllers to make sure they are sanitized before pick up.

  • No need to include batteries if they are wireless!


  • Ensure that the wires are functioning by plugging them in. If no console is available then disregard this point.

  • Ensure that no wires are exposed and the wire jacket is in decent shape.

  • Wipe down the wires to make sure they are sanitized before pick up.


  • Ensure that the device works by plugging it in.

  • Clarify in your form what the device is and we will confirm whether we are collecting the specific device.

  • If it is a laptop, you will want to reset it to factory settings:

Wait for Pickup

That's it! We will get in touch and coordinate with you when a pickup is most convenient for you. A volunteer will reach out to you when they are on the way or close by so that you can leave your donation outside ensuring a no contact pickup! 


How We Reach Out

Please allow us between 2-5 business days to reach out. We contact donors a day before their stated availability IF we have a volunteer lined up for their pick up. If you have not heard from us, not to worry, you don't have to wait around for that specific day. We may reach out the following week and pick up your donation in the next wave. We appreciate every donation so we WILL get to your donation ASAP!