January 15th - March 8th

Our donation drive is now officially over! Thank you for all the donors and support! Our response was tremendous and we are still hard at work doing pickups. If you have submitted a donation form while the drive was active, we are still going to come by and pick up past the end date. Alternatively, you are still able to drop off your donation after the March 8th end date. Stay tuned for our final counts and where your donations will go!

About The Console Drive









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During these challenging times of a pandemic, lockdowns, and added financial hardship, most if not all of us struggle with isolation. This is especially true for children who have been battling medical conditions prior to COVID and are now strictly bound to their hospital rooms. Furthermore, children whose families have been critically affected by the economic hardship in the province also struggle with the added challenges of a lockdown. Our drive aims to alleviate these pains, even if by a little, by collecting used and unneeded consoles, games, and controllers, thereby providing support to local organizations and families in bringing much needed joy to the children they care for. We hope to  come together, deliver some gaming fun, and start 2021 on a positive and optimistic note!

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Who We Are Helping

We are proud to be providing needed donations to the organizations below! Their work and dedication to the community are both inspiring and essential. Click on each respective icon to learn more about how each organization impacts our community.

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Frequently asked questions

Why consoles?

This drive is to help children feel less isolated. Consoles and video games are a great escape for those that are restricted due to a lockdown and especially those that are required to stay in their hospital rooms due to other conditions. With new consoles recently being introduced and the holidays wrapping up, we believe there is a surplus of older consoles, games, and peripherals available to donate!

Is it only consoles?

Not at all! On top of consoles we take any other video game peripherals as well as games themselves. This includes but is not limited to: controllers, games, monitors, and of course any wiring that comes with the devices. We do not take money and urge those wanting to donate monetarily to head directly to the local organization websites. For more information please hit the Donate button!

Where is this taking place?

We are currently only collecting in the Calgary area but depending on the response and need we may expand our service area.

When is this taking place?

The drive will be going on for about a month from its launch, we may extend the timeframe depending on the response and need.

How do I donate?

Please press the donate button anywhere on the page and it will lead you to our donation page. This page will have all the information and instructions on how to donate. Thank you for your support!

How is COVID affecting this drive?

We have set up no contact processes, ensuring the safety of all stakeholders involved. Furthermore, all devices and donations will be properly sanitized prior to drop off. Please press the Donate button for more information.

I don't have a console or device to donate, how can I help?

Not a problem and we are happy to hear that you still want to help! You can reach out to become a volunteer if you want to potentially be directly involved. Otherwise, any shoutouts on your social media, friend groups, or even co-workers will be much appreciated! Feel free to link this site as well!

How do you distribute the donations?

Excellent question! What we are doing is simply asking, collecting, and processing the donations. We then drop off the donations to local community agencies that have voiced a need (like Childrens Hospital for example), they are the pros who are best suited in identifying the chidlren most in need.

I submitted a donation form a week ago and no one has come to pick-up?

Our volunteers are picking up whenever they have free time and usually in batches based on geographical location. If you have not heard from us a day in advance then please no need to wait around or worry, we are getting to you soon! If you have any concerns or want to make sure that we have not forgotten about you, you can always reach out to, otherwise, hang tight, we are coming soon!